Hand-printed Crossed Rifles/FAAFO- PRE SALE

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This version has the rifles on the front and John Brown/text on the back. 


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PROCEEDS ARE DONATED TO BLM/MODERN ABOLITION MOVEMENTS. If y’all fuck around, you might just find out. This is a HAND PRINTED shirt, printed via a hand-carved block of John Brown. All text is also hand carved. A carving of crosses muskets is printed on the front left side, and John Brown / FAAFO are on the back. 

Read before ordering: This is a hand-printed item!! No two items are the same. Print location, darkness, etc vary between items. I iron these shirts to set the ink in order to minimize fading. If you wash this like your other clothes, it will fade! Giving this shirt another iron or two will help minimize that. Wash it as you would any other delicate item. If you ever want to have your shirt retouched/reprinted, I will do it for free! Since this is a hand-made item and the proceeds are donated ASAP, I really prefer to not do returns. If you aren't happy with it after reading the above paragraph, please let me know and we will try and work something out.